Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meeting our First Psycho

It would seem that all the horror films involving murder in the Oz seem to have some basis in truth. We've met our first psychopath, who has fixated himself on Karen. He invited himself out with us in Brisbane and even tried getting in the car with us at one point. I fully expect him to have a collection of dead small animals and pictures of Karen all over his dorm room wall.

In other news, there's a girl in our dorm who looks exactly like the strange one from The Breakfast Club film. I'm pretty sure I've seen her make a painting out of dandruff from her hair as well.

Byron Bay was cool, we got moved on by some police officers as we were drinking goon (cheap wine) in the park, only to walk two minutes down the road to another park bench and continue the drinking. I was sick. Classy. Karen and Jon tried some surfing in Surfer's Paradise, I did not, as I felt like hell. We're going to be hitting the town tonight and then carrying on the East Coast by campervan. Hopefully Hannibal Lector will not stow away in one of the cupboards.

See you on the other side.

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  1. haha 500 doller fines n psychopaths flyin seems to be the way 4ward oh well good stories i suppose could be worse could be stuck at woodduck see u in a month pal