Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Which We Pay The Price For Vanity

After surviving Hannibal Lecter all three of us in one form or another is suffering from some type of sunburn. The thing that sets me apart from Karen and Jon, is the fact I'm bitching about it more than them.  If anybody is reading this, two things always to remember to use high factor suncream and also visit Noosa, it's awesome!!

Other than the sunburn, we've played a frankly stupid amount of card games, (myself and Karen are astonished at the lengths Jon will take to cheat at any given game). Going up the east coast we've seen some amazing sights, not least Jon charging his laptop outside a car dealership. Or my multi coloured chest and torso. (Not really amazing, more faintly nauseating).

We've also agreed to treat ourselves to a meal out once a week, this is easier said than done for me who is used to surviving on Hungry Jack's at least five times a day...

Anyways, until next time, laters.

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