Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fraser Island and The Great Beyond

Fraser Island is amazing. Not just amazing. But *actually* amazing. Clear blue lakes that taste of Evian water (well one of the lakes is green and looks more like a pond but that's because it's full off tea tree, so it's OK). 4x4 driving which is brilliant fun, especially when carrying a back full of hangovers. The dingoes that walk past you with all the arrogance of an inner city chav. Lizards that wouldn't look out of place in Jurassic Park And the sand that gets EVERYWHERE. Most annoyingly in the crisp sandwiches. After having the traditional Christmas lunch of lots and lots of BBQ, we decided to be really rock and roll and have an early night (we had to be up on Boxing Day at 5am). Crystal had different ideas and continued drinking throughout all of the next day, now that WAS rock and roll.

After Fraser Island and Hervey Bay aka the most boring place in Australia (where the bats blacken the sky). Myself, Greg and (a now sober) Crystal took a greyhound to Sydney where we are all looking to make our fortunes (or minimum wage at the very least). The bus ride was horrible. 25 hours sitting next to Greg (neither of us are exactly what you call "small") was not my idea of fun. Sleeping was even worse with feet going out into the gangway and, well, I'm not exactly sure where Greg's legs went and I don't think I want to know.

But anyways, we're in Sydney and we're trying to find jobs looking high and low, left and right with a few things in the pipeline, things are on the up. That hasn't stopped me playing the odd drinking game on the Woodduck (aka greatest hostel in Sydney) roof or drinking with Adam and Jack (and Adam's Irish mates). Some of the highlights include me pretending to be Bryan McFadden (from Westlife) with the crappest Irish accent ever (which went from a passable Irish to Liverpool to Wales to Essex wide boy) and being believed.... by an Irishman.

I think the next time I write on this will be the day after my birthday....maybe two days after actually, which will be in two weeks. Until then, catch you on the otherside....