Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Few Haphazard Thoughts

Since I began this blog a few weeks into my trip not a lot of thought or effort has gone into it (as you've probably guessed). That's not about to change, before you get excited. Sorry.

We all went to Australia Zoo (the one Steve Irwin used to own) last week. And it was brilliant. Best zoo I've ever been to, we fed kangaroos and elephants, watched the best tigers in the world and generally enjoyed the whole day. I'm a bit gutted I didn't get to meet Steve Irwin, but what with him being dead and all, there's not alot I can do about it....

Since travelling up the east coast we've seen some amazing things, lovely beaches, beautiful mountains and rolling countryside. Karen was most impressed by the letter boxes on peoples houses. (To be fair they are really bloody amazing).

At present we are in Airlie Beach, a fantastic place with a lagoon and a place I genuinely don't want to leave. I'm going to put the photos onto facebook the first chance I get, but they won't do it justice.

Other than that we are waging a long war against the bugs and mosquitoes of the countryside. The bugs, judging by the bites on mine and Karen's legs, are winning. (Jon, supiciously doesn't have any bites, I suspect him of fraternising with the enemy. I will keep you posted).

The only major arguements we've had is whose iPod goes on in the car. Jon wants his iPod on (nothing but indie, which although has some really good songs on, gets a bit samey) Karen naturally wants her iPod (mostly old school dance tunes, which is annoyingly good sometimes). They are both wrong. My iPod should go on all the time. Mainly because God himself crafted it and gave it to me.

We are also in some desperate need of some card games, which I'll need to research. At the moment we have three games on steady rotation and they are trying everyone's patience.

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy some sunshine and scenery.


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