Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rejoining the Rat Race

So after coming half way round the world and after much travelling (mainly up and down the East Coast – I really need to learn the other points of the compass) I find myself with a shortage of cash. So after blanketing all of Sydney with my CV (or Resume as the locals call it) I land a job in the heady heights of the Australian financial sector. It’s a pretty cool job actually as I’m working in a building designed by the same person who designed the Google headquarters in America. The main draw for me however, was not the design of the building nor was it the closeness to my hostel. No, it was the $1 cans of drink. Lovely.
So here I am writing my blog (when I’m supposed to be reading some training documents) and paying taxes and everything – luckily I get these back before I leave.

In other news, I now night manage and manage half of the entertainments and events for the hostel. Night managing consists of checking people in after reception hours and being woken up at all hours of the night by my phone. Oh, and occasionally clearing up after people who have just thrown up all over the roof terrace. Entertainments’ managing consists of largely getting drunk. No, really it does. Basically I take out a group of people from the hostel on a night out to certain pubs/clubs and I get a wristband. This magical piece of paper that adorns my wrist for the night gets me free drinks ALL NIGHT. So there you have it the grim and the glam all in one package and what do I get for this? Besides a REALLY bad hangover the next day? Free accommodation. Nice.

It’s really surprising to think I’ve been here for 8months already, with 4 months to go, New Zealand is edging closer and closer…

Anyway better get back to work,

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